Biax™ 2D™ Watt-Miser™ with Integral Control Gear

The 2D™ Watt-Miser lamps with integral control gear is for easy and efficient integration into the design of new fittings. The cap is inverted to minimise overall depth. All Biax™ 2D™ lamps are suitable for use in circular or square fittings either wall or ceiling mounted both for interiors and exteriors. The circular light output spreads over a large area which means there is no need for expensive optics in the fixture. The ‘circular’ design produces even light distribution whilst avoiding both end shadowing and dark areas.


Product code Description Wattage
Lumen [lm] Base
72862 18120 FLE18W2D/840 GRZ10D 1/10 WM 18 1200 GRZ10d
73305 18122 FLE18W2D/827 GRZ10D 1/10 WM 18 1200 GRZ10d
73635 18123 FLE18W2D/835 GRZ10D 1/10 WM 18 1200 GRZ10d