Low Mount

Enclosed luminaire for damp environments, with charcoal filtered optical assembly for discharge lamps. The exclusive design of the faceted reflector and prismatic refractor gives low glare combined with high visual comfort. Factories, foundries, textile, metal, chemical, rubber, food and cement plants, and railway stations. Mounting height between2.5 and 8 metres.


Product code Description Downloads
18471 519673 GEAR BOX LOW-250 HPS 150W 230V 50Hz
67910 519674 GEAR BOX LOW-250 HPS 250W 230V 50Hz
67937 519666 GEAR BOX LOW HPS 250W 230V 50Hz
67964 519669 GEAR BOX LOW CMH 250 T U 230V 50Hz
105144 519668 GEAR BOX LOW MH 250W 230V 50HZ
105162 519677 GEAR BOX LOW-250 MH 250W 230V 50HZ
67973 519671 GEAR BOX LOW CMH 400 T VBU 230V 50Hz
105153 519670 GEAR BOX LOW MH 400W 230V 50HZ
Structures and materials
Ballast housing
Body in die-cast aluminium, with grey polyester powder paint finish applied electrostatically. Easy installation using a central 3/4” NPSC anti-vibration threaded hub. Activated charcoal filter for the optical assembly. EPDM gasket supporting the optical assembly.

Optical assembly
Aluminium faceted reflector. UV stabilised acrylic prismatic reflector offering high visual comfort thanks to uniform light distribution over the whole surface. EPDM gasket located between the aluminium reflector and the acrylic refractor (model LOW only); in model LOW-250 the reflector and the refractor are fastened together and joined with a silicone seal.

In the LOW version it is fitted base down to reduce glare; in this case a disconnector is provided to cut off the power supply when the optical assembly is opened. The optical assembly can be opened without using tools, thanks to the stainless steel hinge and latches.

Lamp holder
E40 porcelain lamp socket.

Electrical and gear compartment
Magnetic ballast 230V 50Hz low-loss.

Easy to replace light source by removing diffuser.

Hooks and mounting receptacles are availalable.

Luminaire is supplied without lamp.