Luminaire available in an open or enclosed version for discharge lamps. The enclosed version is also suitable for damp environments. Particularly suited for industrial lighting applications with a mounting height of over 5 metres. Use the enclosed versions in particularly dirty atmosphere.


Product code Description Downloads
74423 519661 UG GEAR BOX UG-VSB AG5 HPS 1000W 230V50Hz
105277 519662 UG GEAR BOX UG-VSB AG5 MH1000 230V 50HZ Not Available
74383 519656 UG GEAR BOX UG-VSB AP5 MH 400W 230V 50HZ Not Available
74403 519657 UG GEAR BOX UG-VSB AP5 CMH 400W T VBU 230V50Hz
105288 519654 UG GEAR BOX UG-VSB AP5 HPS 400W 230V50Hz
74413 519660 UG GEAR BOX UG-VSB AG5 HPS 600W 230V50Hz Not Available
Structures and materials
Ballast housing
Die-cast aluminium ballast housing,with grey polyester powder paint finish applied electrostatically. The socket holder, which is joined to the ballast housing, enables photometric distribution to be set in 8 different positions using an ordinary screwdriver. Easy installation using a 3/4” NPSC threaded hub, which is located in the housing and is resistant to vibration.
Optical assembly
The optical assembly is available in two different sizes UG-17 and UG-22. The optical assembly contains a one-piece reflector spun from a thick aluminium disk, with moulded facets inside to prevent reflection of the lamp.

This helps to reduce glare and increases the comfort of the user. The upper silicon gasket adjusts the connection of reflector and ballast housing (enclosed versions only). Tempered glass door (enclosed version only) resistant to thermal and mechanical stress. Fixed in a metal ring with EPDM or silicon gasket according to the lamp wattage, it is fitted with a stainless steel hinge and latches to guarantee easy removal without the need for tools.
Open optical assembly providing IP20, enclosed version providing IP54.

Lamp holder
E40 porcelain lamp socket.

Electrical and gear compartment
Magnetic ballast 230V 50Hz low-loss.

Easy to replace light source by removing diffuser.

Hooks and mounting receptacles are availalable.

Luminaire is supplied without lamp.