EuroStylo are small fluorescent fittings for lighting under counters, kitchens, shelves, bookcases, display cabinets. All models have diffuser and switch. 7 different lengths and wattages available.


Product code Description Lamp cap Downloads
67126 43388 NL EUROSTYLO EST108WHL 827 230V GE G5
67106 43402 NL@EUROSTYLO EST113WHL 827 230V GE G5
105053 43412 NL@EUROSTYLO EST118WHL 835 230V GE G13 Not Available
25120 43408 NL EUROSTYLO EST118WHEB 230 GE G13
67136 43405 NL@EUROSTYLO EST115WHL 830 230V GE G13
67166 43411 NL@EUROSTYLO EST118WHL 830 230V GE G13
105063 43414 NL@EUROSTYLO EST130WH 830 230V GE G13 Not Available
67086 43416 NL@EUROSTYLO EST130WHEB 230 GE G13
67096 43421 NL EUROSTYLO EST136WHEB 230 GE G13
105073 43424 NL@EUROSTYLO EST136WHL 835 230V GE G13 Not Available
67116 43419 NL@EUROSTYLO EST130WHL 830 230V GE G13
67156 43422 NL@EUROSTYLO EST136WHL 830 230V GE G13
161518 43420 NL@EUROSTYLO EST136WH 827 230V CONS GE G13 Not Available
105083 43428 NL@EUROSTYLO EST158WHL 835 230V GE G13 Not Available
67076 43426 NL@EUROSTYLO EST158WHEB 835 230 GE G13
67146 43427 NL@EUROSTYLO EST158WHL 830 230V GE G13
161528 43425 NL@EUROSTYLO EST158WH 827 230V CONS GE G13 Not Available
Structures and materials
Body: Cold-rolled, phosphate white or black epoxy polyester powder coated steel sheet. The cover snaps to the body. Colour: White.
Diffuser: Impact-resistant polycarbonate with transparent, longitudinal prismatic internal finish.
Reflector: Metal reflector. High reflectance, electric-coated, white, sheet metal.

Electrical and gear compartment
220-240V electronic ballast and 230V magnetic ballasts, see more details under product list section.

Suitable for surface vertical or horizontal mounting surface for interior use. The body is fixed onto the mounting surface via adjustable plastic rapid kit (horizontal or vertical). Main connection via domestic plug socket or connecting block.

Replace light source by removing diffuser.

Accessories are not available.

Luminaires completed with GE T5 and T8 lamp, see more information under product list section.