Mariner 5

Standard surface mounted waterproof created for T5 lamps. Fitted with electronic ballast as standard. Slim profile luminaire, supplied in single and twin lamp versions for installations. IP65 rated, where effective protection against contamination from water or accidential damage are major considerations for the end-user. Nuetral aesthetic renders the product suitable for applications in both commercial and residential environments as well as industrial environments.


Product code Description Downloads
67223 76975 NL MARINER 5 254T5EB R LL 220-240 GE
105177 76968 NL MARINER 5 114T5EB R LL 220-240 GE
67234 76970 NL MARINER 5 128T5EB R LL 220-240 GE
105188 76969 NL MARINER 5 214T5EB R LL 220-240 GE
25191 76972 NL MARINER 5 135T5EB R LL 220-240 GE
67256 76974 NL MARINER 5 154T5EB R LL 220-240 GE
67212 76976 NL MARINER 5 149T5EB R LL 220-240 GE
67267 76971 NL MARINER 5 228T5EB R LL 220-240 GE
67245 76973 NL MARINER 5 235T5EB R LL 220-240 GE
104895 76978 NL MARINER 5 180T5EB R LL 220-240 GE
67278 76977 NL MARINER 5 249T5EB R LL 220-240 GE
Structures and materials
Body: impact-resistant, selfextinguishing polycarbonate.
Colour: grey.
Clips: high resistant polycarbonate.

Diffuser: shockproof safety diffuser in polycarbonate.
Reflector: white painted steel.

Electrical and gear compartment
220-240V/50-60Hz warm start electronic ballast. Wiring connector with 2.5mm2 clamp screws.

Replace light source by removing diffuser.

Accessories are not available.

Luminaire is supplied without lamp.