Mariner MAC

Opened waterproof luminaires with T8 fluorescent lamps in surface mounted / suspeneded applications. Particularly suitable for damp environments, including environments with a high level of dust. Complete protection against contamination from water and accidental abuse. Best for humid and/or dusty environments.


Product code Description Lamp cap Weight (kg) Downloads
25202 43734 NL MAC MAC118EB LL 230 GE G13 1.50
67498 43747 NL@MAC MAC236EBEES LL 230 GE G13 3.2
67509 43744 NL MAC MAC218EB LL 230 GE G13 1.76
67520 43740 NL MAC MAC158EB LL 230 GE G13 2.9
67531 43739 NL@MAC MAC136HEES LL 230 GE G13 2.26
67542 43751 NL@MAC MAC258HEES LL 230 GE G13 4.4
67553 43745 NL MAC MAC218H LL 230 GE G13 1.8
67564 43743 NL MAC MAC158HEES LL 230 GE G13 2.9
67575 43749 NL MAC MAC258EB LL 230 GE G13 4.4
67586 43738 NL@MAC MAC136H LL 230 GE G13 2,28
67597 43735 NL@MAC MAC118H LL 230 GE G13 1.53
67608 43746 NL MAC MAC236EB LL 230 GE G13 2.7
67619 43742 NL@MAC MAC158H LL 230 GE G13 2.85
67630 43750 NL MAC MAC258H LL 230 GE G13 4.5
67641 43736 NL MAC MAC136EB LL 230 GE G13 1,78
67652 43748 NL MAC MAC236H LL 230 GE G13 3.25
Structures and materials
Body: Polycarbonate reinforced, fibreglass.
Lamps Holder: Self-extinguishing polycarbonate for T8 fluorescent lamps. Ring nuts and gaskets included.
Reflectors: Lamp reflector is to be snapped to the ballast cover. Ring nuts and gaskets included. MAC/R: the reflector provides concentrated intense lighting in high-ceiling environments. Good for localized lighting. MAC/R AL: mirror-finish reflector attached to fitting by stainless steel springs (included).

Electrical and gear compartment
Magnetic ballast: low-loss 230V 50Hz with fireproof wires. HPF ballast with incorporated discharge resistance capacitor, 3 pole connector with fuse, screw terminals for conductors up to 2.5mm2.
Electronic ballast: 220-240V 50-60Hz warm start, 3 pole connector with fuse, screw terminals for conductors up to 2.5mm2.

Installation methods
Surface mounting with supplied gaskets or RAPIDKIT (not supplied) for fast installation.
Suspension mounting including two suspension hangers (supplied).
NAL channel with NAL 1023 (not supplied) and RAPIDKIT (not supplied).

Replace light source by removing diffuser.

More accessories are available (diffusers, metal-plastic clips and connection kits for surface/suspended fixing).

Luminaire is supplied without lamp. lamp. More details can be found under the product list.