Mariner MAX

Surface mounted waterproof fittings for T5 and T8 fluorescent lamps. Proper protection against contamination from water and accidental abuse. Particularly suitable for damp environment.


Product code Description Lamp cap Downloads
106476 44200 NL MARINER MAX249T5EB CWL GE G5
106454 44198 NL MARINER MAX280T5EB CWL GE G5
106487 44201 NL MARINER MAX135T5EB CWL GE G5
106465 44199 NL MARINER MAX149T5EB CWL GE G5
106432 43827 NL MARINER MAXV158EB LL 230 GE
106498 44202 NL MARINER MAX235T5EB CWL GE G5
106443 44197 NL MARINER MAX180T5EB CWL GE G5
25213 43830 NL MARINER MAXV258EB LL 230 GE
Structures and materials
Body: Drawn stainless steel with high mechanical resistance.
Reflector: Steel sheet mirror-finished, highly reflective aluminium (AL). Used to support ballast wire.
Max/V: 4mm tempered glass for high chemical/mechanical resistance. Stainless steel frame.
Max/P: robust matt finish polycarbonate; UV stabilized, antiyellowing, injection-moulded, and perfectly smooth for best downlight results and easy cleaning.
Clips: Interconnected stainless-steel joints.

Electrical and gear compartment
Magnetic ballast: low-loss 230V 50Hz with fireproof wires. HPF ballast with incorporated discharge resistance capacitor, 3 pole connector with fuse, screw terminals for conductors up to 2.5mm2.
Electronic ballast: 220-240V 50-60Hz warm start, 3 pole connector with fuse, screw terminals for conductors up to 2.5mm2.

Installation methods
The luminaire is supplied with tear-proof cable gland for 6-12mm diameter wires. RAPIDKIT for surface mounting must be ordered separately. Suspension mounting with supplied hanging hooks. Surface mounting with NAL channel with RAPIDKIT.

Replace light source by removing diffuser.

Further accessories are available such as diffusers and metal-plastic clips.

MAX T5 complete with GE T5 lamps. MAX T8 luminaire is supplied without lamp. More details can be found under the product list.