N-Pack NPQ T5

Lighting fittings for T5 fluorescent lamps suitable for large areas such as retail and warehouses. An ideal solution for ceiling installation where access is an issue. T5 NPQ is fully compatible with NAL trunking system.


Product code Description Downloads
106040 88582 NL N-PACK NPQ254EB T5 LL 220-240 GE
25292 88591 NL N-PACK NPQ114EB T5 LL 220-240 GE
105975 88577 NL N-PACK NPQ280EB T5 LL 220-240 GE
106001 88579 NL N-PACK NPQ249EB T5 LL 220-240 GE
106131 88590 NL N-PACK NPQ124EB T5 LL 220-240 GE
106079 88585 NL N-PACK NPQ128EB T5 LL 220-240 GE
105962 88562 NL N-PACK NPQ135EB T5 LL 220-240 GE
106144 75074 NL N-PACK NPQ135EB EES LL 220-240V GE Not Available
106105 88587 NL N-PACK NPQ139EB T5 LL 220-240 GE
106118 88588 NL N-PACK NPQ221EB T5 LL 220-240 GE
106014 88580 NL N-PACK NPQ149EB T5 LL 220-240 GE
106053 88583 NL N-PACK NPQ154EB T5 LL 220-240 GE
106066 88584 NL N-PACK NPQ228EB T5 LL 220-240 GE
106027 88581 NL N-PACK NPQ235EB T5 LL 220-240 GE
106092 88586 NL N-PACK NPQ239EB T5 LL 220-240 GE
105988 88578 NL N-PACK NPQ180EB T5 LL 220-240 GE
Structures and materials
Body: Cold-milled, phosphate white epoxy polyester powder coated steel sheet.
Colour: White.
Lamp holder: Polycarbonate, fixed to body by safety clip. Ring nuts for IP40 and to prevent lamp failure.

Electrical and gear compartment
Only electronic version is available, 230-240V/50-60Hz, connector with fuse, screw terminals for conductors up to 2.5mm2.

Installation/ Maintenance
Cable entry: using a dedicated hole in body 18mm grommet or through knockouts at the end of the fittings. Surface mounting installation by the supplied accessories.
Fast electric wiring in NAL Trunking
system: One clamp anchored to ballast for fast electric wiring. NAL 1652 connector (not supplied) to be pre-installed in the track. Pls see more details under NAL Trunking system.
Fast mechanic installation in NAL
Trunking system: Nut attached to body, a split pin co-axial to the nut and a spring coupling to channel system. Please see more details under NAL Trunking system.

Wide-choice of accessories are available, Reflectors (NPGR)
  • NPT – Metal Reflector
  • NPR – Metal Reflector with clip-fit end elements,
  • NPA - Asymmetric Metal Reflector,
  • NPLT - Aligner for NPT – NPR – NPA Reflectors
  • TCGR - End Cap.

Luminaire is supplied without lamp.