LED Cove Lighting System

Even versus the most efficient fluorescent lamps, LED has an advantage in Cove applications due to the directional nature of the emitted light. With the GE LED Cove system, it is possible to match the effective efficiency of the latest fluorescent lamps, but with a wattage reduction allowing energy to be saved.


Product code Description Wattage [W] Lumen [lm] CCT [K]
71129 73101 LED Cove Fixture, 12" (325mm), 3000K 6.5 300 3000
71353 73826 LED Cove Fixture, 12" (325mm), 4100K 6.5 320 4100
128363 73100 LED Cove Fixture, 12" (325mm), 2700K 6.5 290 2700
50,000 hours long life eliminates inconsistencies caused by relamping errors. Brand image will no longer suffer from dimmed or burned out lamps, incorrect colour temperatures, or different levels of brightness. There are no socket shadows to disrupt uniformity, only bright, even white light throughout the cove.