Infusion™ M3000 Series

The GE Infusion™ LED module is a game-changing platform, designed to open up new possibilities for the use of longlasting, controllable, low maintenance LED solutions in retail, hospitality and other environments where the quality of light is critical to the customer/visitor experience.

Features & Benefits
  • Wide range of differentlighting solutions from one platform
  • Modular solution for quick,tool-free upgrading
  • Lowest cost of ownership in the long term
  • Long-term colour consistency
  • Three colourtemperature options 2700K, 3000K, 4000K for crisp white light
  • High colourrendering - CRIranges to Ra > 90
  • Colour point stabilises by 1000 hours and is maintained within 2 MacAdam ellipses
  • Exceptionally stable CRI across all colourratings
  • Excellentlumen maintenance (L85 at 50,000 hours)

IEC Standards
  •   IEC62471: Photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systems.
  •   IEC62031: LED modules for general lighting - safety specification.