There’s really no comparison between the durable, long-life Tetra Contour LED Lighting System and traditional neon. Tetra Contour is a 2-part system comprised of a flexible LED light engine and a rigid light guide that can be heat formed and shaped designed to resemble exposed neon in signage, and border lighting applications. It provides a bright, uniform appearance and a wide viewing angle.


Product code Description Wattage [W] Lumen [lm] CCT [K]
124057 GEXN65-1 GEXN65-1 Contour White 6500K Light Engine 11.31 462 6500
124091 GEXNRD-1 GEXNRD-1 Contour Red Light Engine 5.91 182 625nm
124121 GEXNRC-1 GEXNRC-1 Contour Red-Orange Light Engine 8.81 280 618nm
124131 13975 GEXNYG-1 Contour Amber Light Engine 8.81 198 589nm