DS/SCM Range

DS and SCM is a family of robust area lighting luminaries based on highly efficient optical systems with zero light emission towards the upper hemisphere. A range of exterior sizes enables them to be mounted at heights between 4 and 16m while maintaining light uniformity.


Product code Description Lamp cap Downloads
17878 519881 DS-400 CAM HPS 150W E40
17888 519887 DS-400 CAM AT HPS 150W E40
20650 519893 DS-400 CAM SB HPS 150W E40
17245 519882 DS-400 CAM HPS 250W E40
20510 519885 DS-400 CAM CMH 250W E40 Not Available
20587 519888 DS-400 CAM AT HPS 250W E40
20660 519894 DS-400 CAM SB HPS 250W E40
30606 519897 DS-400 CAM SB CMH 250W E40 Not Available
20467 519883 DS-400 CAM HPS 400W E40
30617 519898 DS-400 CAM SB CMH 400W E40
20500 519884 DS-400 CAM HPS 600W E40 Not Available
  • Optical assembly providing IP55 in DS luminaires and IP64 in SCM3
  • DS: from 150W to 600W (HPS), 400W (CMH)
  • SCM: from 50W to 150W
  • Side entry or post top with an aluminum yoke

Structures and materials
Housing and door: die-cast aluminum electrostatically sprayed with a polyester powder paint finish, following anti-corrosion priming, and oven-cured at 180ºC.
Standard color: RAL 9011 black. Other RAL colors available on request.

Electrical and gear compartment
Control gear: mounted on a removable tray in DS-1000 and DS-400. Isolated from the environment with a protection degree IP44 in DS and IP44 in SCM3 (IP54 in Class II).
Supports: HPS and Metal Halide lamps up to 150W (SCM3-175), 600W (DS-400).

Optical assembly providing IP55 in DS luminaires and IP64 in SCM3. Faceted aluminum reflectors of the following types:
  • DS-400, long throw (CAL) and forward throw (FGA).
  • SCM3-175, medium throw.
>Glass: flat tempered glass lens sealed with silicone to the access frame.

Lamp-holder without tools, quick, easy and safe.

Accessories / options
Class II with magnetic ballast. Optional post-top mounting (poles with diameter Ø60mm ending) by means of a decorative cast aluminum yoke.