The Lunalys luminaire provides a high quality lighting solution for main roads, residential and industrial areas. Combine this fitting with Streetwise™ lamps for bright, white, ‘natural’ light and low costs for both running and maintenance. Its high-efficiency photometric reflector is easy to maintain thanks to its IP66 optical assembly. The gear tray supports High Pressure Sodium (HPS) and Metal Halide (MH) ballasts from 50W to 250W.


Product code Description Downloads
125476 525880 LUNALYS/H HPS100
125546 525885 LUNALYS/H MH100 Not Available
125616 525890 LUNALYS/H HPS100 RC
125686 525895 LUNALYS/H HPS100 RCA EB
125742 525899 LUNALYS/H MH100 RCA EB Not Available
125868 525908 LUNALYS/H HPS100 RCSLMI AID
125983 525927 LUNALYS/V MH100 Not Available
126053 525932 LUNALYS/V HPS100 RC
126123 525937 LUNALYS/V HPS100 RCA EB
126179 525941 LUNALYS/V MH100 RCA EB Not Available
126263 525950 LUNALYS/V HPS100 RCSLMI AID
126429 525955 LUNALYS/V HPS100 C2
125490 525881 LUNALYS/H HPS150
125560 525886 LUNALYS/H MH150 E40 Not Available
125700 525896 LUNALYS/H HPS150 RCA EB
125756 525900 LUNALYS/H MH150 RCA EB Not Available
125812 525904 LUNALYS/H HPS150 RCSLM
125882 525909 LUNALYS/H HPS150 RCSLMI AID
125997 525928 LUNALYS/V MH150 E40 Not Available
126137 525938 LUNALYS/V HPS150 RCA EB
126193 525942 LUNALYS/V MH150 RCA EB Not Available
126319 525951 LUNALYS/V HPS150 RCSLMI AID
126347 525946 LUNALYS/V HPS150 RCSLM
125504 525882 LUNALYS/H HPS250
125574 525887 LUNALYS/H MH250 (HPS) Not Available
125644 525892 LUNALYS/H HPS250 RC
125826 525905 LUNALYS/H HPS250 RCSLM
126011 525929 LUNALYS/V MH250 (HPS) Not Available
126081 525934 LUNALYS/V HPS250 RC
126333 525952 LUNALYS/V HPS250 RCSLMI AID
126361 525947 LUNALYS/V HPS250 RCSLM
126457 525957 LUNALYS/V HPS250 C2
125588 525888 LUNALYS/H HPS50 RC
125462 525879 LUNALYS/H HPS70
125532 525884 LUNALYS/H MH70 Not Available
125784 525902 LUNALYS/H HPS70 RCSLM
125966 525926 LUNALYS/V MH70 Not Available
  • E40/E27 ceramic lamp holder
  • mounting spigot suitable for horizontal and vertical, mounting with a Ø60mm diameter pole
  • tool-less maintenance

Structures and materials
Housing: in two pieces (lower and upper), die-cast aluminium with an oven cured polyester powder paint finish (RAL9006).
Support base: mounting spigot suitable for horizontal and vertical mounting through Ø60 mm diameter pole.
One unique latch included into the upper housing allowing an easy luminaire opening.
Screws: stainless steel.

Electrical and gear compartment
Placed into the lower housing and isolated from the environment with a protection degree IP44, comprising:
The gear tray is manufactured from galvanized sheet and mounted into the lower housing, it is easily removable. The ballast, ignitor and capacitor are mounted onto the tray.
When the fixture is opened, it automatically disconnects the supply using a multi-pole connector.
Gear tray: manufactured from galvanized sheet and mounted into the easily removable lower housing, electrical disconnection from the lamp with plug and socket. Ballast, ignitor and capacitor are mounted on this tray.

Glass: curved tempered glass sealed to the reflectorwith silicone.
Lampholder: E40/E27 ceramic lamp holder.
Reflector: one piece, high purity aluminium, finishachieved through anodizing process.
Lamp holder assembly: high temperature resistant.
Gasket: compression silicone gasket for ensuring excellent ingress protection.
Optical: assembly hermetically sealed providing IP66,
comprising: Curve transparent tempered glass.
Optical assembly with seal between the reflector and the glass.

  • Automatic electrical disconnection makes maintenance safer when opening the luminaire.
  • Tool-less access to the optical assembly by opening the latch placed into the upper housing.
  • Easy and quick lamp maintenance by manually removing the lamp holder support from the front of the luminaire.
  • A “twist and lock” mechanism releases the lamp holder from the neck reflector.

Magnetic Ballasts:
  • Magnetic Ballasts from 50W to 250W (Class I and II)
  • Power reduction Magnetic Ballasts (RC) from 70W to 250W using switched contact, clock (RCSLM) and astronomic clock (RCSLMI)
  • Bi-Level magnetic ballast (Voss): with two configurable wattages from 50W to 250W

Electronic Ballast:(EB) from 50W to 150W with DALI control