Infusion™ DLM Series

The GE Infusion™ DLM module series is a true ambient white lighting solution designed for high-end retailing and commercial offices. Infusion™ DLM module delivers high quality ambient lighting with outstanding efficacy and colour rendering (CRI>90). The availabilityof lumen packages approaching 4000lm means it is also ideal for high ceiling applications including shopping malls. And, in common with all GE Infusion™ modules, it combines all these qualities with twist/fit ease of replacement, outstanding reliability and low energy use.

As an LED system, Infusion™ is also inherently more sustainable than other lighting technologies, enabling significant reductions in energy consumption. By investing in Infusion™ technology today, upgrades to luminaires are made possible in the future which will be of great benefit as energy costs rise, LED costs fall and efficacy continues to increase.

Features & benefits

  • Four lumen packages (1000-3935lm)
  • Four colour temperatures
  • >90 CRI across range with extremely high R9
  • Efficacy up to 89LPW
  • Uses remote driver
  • Light distribution and key dimensions match existingdownlight modules
  • Easy luminaire conversion
  • 5 years warranty


Product code Description Wattage
Lumen [lm] Nominal beam angle [°]
176745 99618 DLM2000/940 25 2000 90
176751 99620 DLM3000/930 37 3000 90
176763 99624 DLM4000/930 49 3925 90