Mariner MARN

Standard surface mounted / suspended waterproof fittings created for T8 lamps. Fitted with electronic and magnetic ballast as standard. Slim profile luminaire, supplied in single and twin lamp versions for installations. IP65 rated, where effective protection against contamination from water or accidential damage are major considerations for the end-user. Nuetral aesthetic renders the product suitable for applications in both commercial and residential environments as well as industrial environments.


Product code Description Lamp cap Downloads
161770 43767 NL@MARINER MARN249T5EB R CWL 840 230 GE G5 Not Available
181819 43776 NL MARINER MARN258EB R LL 230 GE Not Available
161748 43759 NL@MARINER MARN254T5EB R CWL 840 230 GE G5 Not Available
161715 43755 NL@MARINER MARN149T5EB R CWL 840 230 GE G5 Not Available
67355 43774 NL MARINER MARN158EB R LL 230 GE
67300 43775 NL MARINER MARN236EB R LL 230 GE
161759 43766 NL@MARINER MARN235T5EB R CWL 840 230 GE G5 Not Available
Structures and materials
Body: Impact-resistant, selfextinguishing polycarbonate.
Colour: Grey.
Clips: High resistant polycarbonate as standard. Available in stainless steel version as accessories.

Diffuser: robust, transparent, selfextinguishing polycarbonate. Prismatic on the inside. Smooth external surface for easy cleaning.
Reflector: white powder coated steel sheet. Used to support ballast wire. Hooks to its own mounting if maintenance is required.

Electrical and gear

Magnetic ballast: 230V 50Hz with fireproof wires.
Electronic ballast: 220-240V/50-50Hz warm start with wiring connector with 2.5mm2 clamp screws.

Replace light source by removing diffuser.

Luminaire is supplied without lamp.

More accessories are available (diffusers, metal-plastic clips and connection kits for surface/suspended fixing). All of them are supplied with luminaire, except metal clips.