NAL Trunking

Surface or suspension channeling systems. Trunking is cold-rolled, phosphate white epoxy polyester powder coated steel sheet.


Product code Description
109829 43999 NAL 1000 1M WH
109842 44009 NAL 2000 2M WH
109853 44010 NAL 3000 3M WH
Fast electric wiring in NAL Trunkingsystem: One clamp anchored to ballast for fast electric wiring. NAL 1652 connector (not supplied) to be preinstalled in the track.
Fast mechanic installation in NAL Trunking system: The nut is attached to the body, a split pin co-axial to the nut and a spring coupling to channel system.
Mounting is made possible by the:NAL 1652 Terminal board socket for the quick electrical connection for the N-pack NPQ luminaires. The suspension of NPP, MARINER, MAC luminaires and others with mounting holes of minimum 5mm. Recommended to follow the supplied installation instructions.