Infusion™ Trackspot

The Infusion™ Trackspot is a commercial tracklight utilizing GE Infusion™ LED Modules and Optics ensuring superior performance. With the great variety of module and optic choice, the Trackspot can be easily customised for the specific purpose, without the any additional tools required. The die cast aluminium lamp housing, Polycarbonate gear housing and arm ensures the durability, elegance and sophisticated appearance. The housing is available in three colors – white, black and grey – in order to fit the given environment.


Product code Description
142233 526761 INF TRACK 0.7A Global HF WH
142254 526763 INF TRACK 0.7A Global HF BL
142267 528637 INF TRACK 0.7A Global HF GR
142284 526760 INF TRACK 1.4A Global HF WH
142301 526762 INF TRACK 1.4A Global HF BL
142314 528636 INF TRACK 1.4A Global HF GR
180855 529207 INF TRACK HL 1.4A GLOBAL HF WH
180868 529208 INF TRACK HL 1.4A GLOBAL HF BL
180881 529209 INF TRACK HL 1.4A GLOBAL HF GR
  • Two mounting options – Track or Surface mounted
  • Various module options 827/830/930/840
  • 4 lumen packages available – 1000, 1500, 2000 and NPM module
  • Multiple CRI options – 80+/90+
  • Great variety of optics offering varius beam patterns – medium flood, Wide flood, Very wide flood, Narrow punch
  • Easy adjustability to ensure the right things are in focus – tilting angle: 120°, rotation angle: 359°
  • RoHS compliant, mercury free
  • Durable and reliable
  • Compliant to photo biological safety standards
  • No IR or UV radiation
  • Easy install & maintenance
  • Powered by Global 3 circuit adapter