Lumination™ Infusion™ Track Series Range S

The Lumination™ Infusion™ Track Series Range S is a commercial tracklight utilizing GE Infusion™ LED Modules and Optics ensuring superior performance. With the great variety of module and optic choice, the Trackspot can be easily customised for the specific purpose, without the any additional tools required.The housing is available in three colors – white, black and grey – in order to fit the given environment.


Product code Description
190030 93011376 GETS1UnS21SB14W75 M420LM830 WFLW
190046 93011387 GETS1TeS21SB14W75 M420LM830 WFLW
190072 93011371 GETS1UnS21SB7W75 (no module, no optics)
190093 93011372 GETS1UnS21SB14W75 (no module, no optics)
190105 93011361 GETS1UnS21SB7G75 (no module, no optics)
190117 93011370 GETS1UnS21SB14G75 (no module, no optics)
190129 93011369 GETS1UnS21SB7B75 (no module, no optics)
190141 93011368 GETS1UnS21SB14B75 (no module, no optics)