LED Colorlights Wayside

Outstanding Reliability

  • Compatible with most controllers with light-out-detection circuits
  • Self-contained design provides protection against moisture and dust
  • Backed by a 48 month limited warranty
  • Over 210,000 wayside signals sold worldwide


Product code Description Wattage [W] Lumen [lm]
110247 98702 RM4-YCFB-43B-94GK 19 650
Excellent Appearance & Visibility
  • Robust LED system design enables high luminous intensity over long product life
  • Efficient optical system delivers uniform color across both wide- and narrow-beam signals
  • Sun Phantom reducing features have been incorporated in our design 1
  • Easy to install and align
  • Optional dual day/night brightness modes 2

Meets Rigorous Certification & Testing Standards
  • Meets selected AREMA recommended practices, as detailed in the Design Compliance Table
  • All lamps undergo comprehensive testing in the manufacturing plant
  • Meets key failure rate criteria as per EN 50129