Iberia Premium

Iberia HID is a range of luminaires designed for outdoor decorative lighting. Multiple lens types and shapes – together with the availability of support rings and housings in a choice of colors – means this luminaire can be adapted to different environments such as architectural and urban environments, as well as regular roadways.


Product code Description Lamp cap Downloads
17276 519829 IBERIA PREMIUM VC HPS 100W E40
21267 519832 IBERIA PREMIUM VC CMH SW 150W E40
18294 519828 IBERIA PREMIUM VC HPS 70W E27
18341 519822 IBERIA PREMIUM VT HPS 70W E27
  • Wall mounting, pendant as well asvertical and horizontal tube mounting
  • HPS and Metal Halide up to 250W
  • Reflectors optimized for either HPS or CMH StreetWise™ lamps

Structures and materials
Central ring: die-cast aluminum.
Housing: elliptical die-cast aluminum, fixed to the central ring with three screws for a perfect fit and seal and a hinged die-cast aluminum door that supports the optical assembly. The door includes two polyamide head screws for tool-less opening.
Standard color: Grey 150 sable. Other RAL colors available on request.

Electrical and gear compartment
Placed into the lower housing and isolated from the environment with a protection degree IP44.
Ballast support board: manufactured from galvanized sheet. Ballast, ignitor and capacitor are mounted on this board.
Compatibility: allowing tubular lamp mountings for HPS and Metal Halide up to 250W.

Optical assembly hermetically sealed providing IP66, comprising:
Glass: tempered glass or polycarbonate lens sealed to the door with silicone. The lens is mechanical and thermal shock resistant (IK08).
Reflector: 2 different reflectors available, one optimized for HPS lamps and the other for CMH StreetWise™ lamps. Both reflectors are made of high purity aluminum in one piece, finish achieved through anodizing process.
Lampholder: E40 ceramic lamp-holder. Multi-position support allows lamp adjusting in longitudinal and vertical directions for optimal light distribution.
Reflector neck: high temperature resistant plastic. The lamp holder is mounted into the reflector neck through a silicone gasket to ensure a continuous seal.

Tool-less access to the ballast by unscrewing two knurled screws placed into the lower housing.

Accessories / options
Wide range of mounting devices:
  • Vertical tube mounting of Ø60 or 76mm. In easy assembly, single, double or triple.
  • Vertical tube mounting of Ø60mm through yoke mounting. Incorporates one-piece yoke of die-cast aluminum with two brackets fitted to the support ring.
  • Horizontal tube mounting of Ø60mm.
  • Wall mounting.
  • Optional Class II magnetic gear.
  • Electronic version up to 150W.
  • Bi-level magnetic ballast.
  • Magnetic ballasts available with: bi-level, controlled via switched contacts, bi-level with clock