GE’s latest LED road and street fixture, which makes the advantages of outdoor LED lighting available for everyone, even those on tight budgets. Designed to replace 35-100W HID and 24-36W CFL fixtures, the SLBt is a great LED solution for minor roads, residential streets and other public spaces where modest levels of illumination are required.


Product code Description Wattage [W] Lumen [lm] CCT [K] Downloads
202709 93027624 SLBT/2/F/B/12/40/N/ST/C1/N/S60 12 1210 4000
202960 93027625 SLBT/2/F/C/15/40/N/ST/C1/N/S60 15 1540 4000
202974 93027626 SLBT/2/F/E/20/40/N/ST/C1/N/S60 20 2020 4000
202946 93027629 SLBT/2/F/T/42/40/D/ST/C1/N/S60 42 4620 4000
202988 93027628 SLBT/2/F/T/56/40/N/ST/C1/N/S60 56 5870 4000
202932 93027627 SLBT/2/F/R/72/40/N/ST/C1/N/S60 72 7550 4000
Application areas
  • Street & Residential Road lighting
  • Pedestrian street
  • Car parking

Driver features
  • Electronic, dimmable (0-10V or DALI) driver: 20-56W.
  • Electronic, dimmable (0-10V or DALI) driver with Autonomous dimming: 21-72W.

Structures and materials
Housing material: Die-cast aluminium body, stainless steel screws and brackets
Optic material: Coated polycarbonate
Optical cover: Polycarbonate
Colour: RAL7035

Rated luminous flux range: from 1570 to 6150 lm.
Rated luminaire efficacy: Up to 95 lm/W at 4000K.
Photometric code: 730/559, 740/449

Rated median useful life and the associated rated LM factor L90(10K): > 64 000h
Rated abrupt failure value: 12,2 %
Lumen maintenance code: 9
Rated ambient temperature (tq) related to performance for a luminaire: 25°C
  • All technical data is published according to IEC62722-2-1

Installation and maintenance
Mounting options:
  • Side mount ø42mm-60mm
  • Post top ø48mm-76mm
Coupler can be adjusted to 0°and 5°
Weight: 4.5 Kg
Recommended mounting height: 4-12 m
Only two hand-tools required for installing the fixture. Ambient temperature from -30ºC to +35ºC
Storage temperature up to 85ºC.

Available photometric distributions:
Narrow Asymmetric – medium (BX), Asymmetric – short (CX), Asymmetric – medium (EX), Narrow Asymmetric – short (NX), Asymmetric Forward - very short (DX).
Rated colour rendering index*: >70 at 4000K
Rated correlated colour temperatures*: 3000K, 4000K
S/P rating: 3000K: 1.33, 4000K: 1.56
Rated initial chromaticity co-ordinate values*
CIE(x=0.44, y=0.403) 5SDCM
CIE(x= 0.38, y= 0.38) 5SDCM

Standards and regulations
CE, ENEC, Directive 2004/108/EC, 2006/95/EC, 2011/65/EC, IEC 62722-2-1

Input voltage and frequency: 220-240 V, 50-60 Hz
Class I: standard
Class II: on request

  • Surge protection: 4kV/2kA
  • Rated input power: 20 W to 72 W

Other options available
Precabling, extra surge protection up tp 10kV/5kA, daylight sensor. Extended ambient temperature: -40°C - +35°C is available.